1PR MTD 111 2022

18 September 2022 -  Ambassador Theresa Dizon – De Vega joined Foreign Minister Park Jin, Jeju Governor Oh Young-hun, ASEAN-Korea Centre Secretary-General Kim Hae-Yong, and other ASEAN envoys to the Republic of Korea at the opening of the Jeju ASEAN Hall at the Jeju International Peace Centre in Jeju Island, ROK.

Under the theme of “Weaving Values Together,” the opening exhibition is divided into four sections offering a glimpse into the society, culture, and history of the ASEAN member states and Jeju Island. Philippine items donated to the Jeju ASEAN Hall exhibit include vases made of Philippine indigenous materials by Filipina artist Luisa Robinson, Philippine hanging textiles, and framed Ambahan letters from the personal collection of Ambassador Dizon-De Vega. Ambahan is a traditional form of poetry by the Hanunó'o Mangyan people of Mindoro, Philippines.

Aside from being a top tourist destination, Jeju Island is also home to a vibrant multicultural community, including a young and dynamic Filipino population. The Philippine Embassy hopes that the newly opened Jeju ASEAN Hall will help further ASEAN-ROK solidarity by fostering cultural awareness and understanding between our peoples.

After the opening ceremony, the ten ASEAN envoys to the ROK, along with FM Park Jin and AKC Secretary General Kim Hae Yong also participated in a tree-planting activity to mark the 55th anniversary of ASEAN and the celebration of the 33rd Anniversary of ASEAN-ROK Relations. The ASEAN-Korea Friendship Tree symbolizes our strong ASEAN-ROK relations and our nations’ commitment to its continued growth and prosperity. END  

2PR MTD 111 2022