After step 1, duration may vary depending on the applicant's concern.


Present 4 copies of the following (submit additional one set if child will also apply for passport / travel document):

  1. English Birth Certificate from the hospital;
  2. Submit parents' Marriage Certificate authenticated by DFA or the Report of Marriage by the Embassy (if parents are married);
  3. Passports of both parents
  4. Present / accomplish Report of Birth form

* If parents are not married, and the child will bear father's surname, the father must accomplish Affidavit of Acknowledgement of Paternity and Consent to use surname of the father (ask for the form from the consular assistant and submit one photocopy of the document and additional copy of the father's passport)

* If the Father is not a Filipino and wants the child to bear his surname, the father must execute an Affidavit of Acknowledgment of Paternity and Consent to Use the Surname of the Father have the affidavit either (1) notarized by the father's embassy in South Korea or (2) notarized by a local notary public and then authenticated by the ROK's MOFA.

Obtains Report of Birth application form & advices applicant to fully accomplish the application form.

Evaluates completeness & authenticity of documents submitted; verifies documents if there is reasonable doubt.

Advices applicant to proceed for payment.

25 mins Consular Assistant n/a
2 Pay appropriate notarial fees Accepts payment and issues official receipt 5 mins Collecting Officer

US$ 25 or KRW 33,550

Additional KRW 33,550 for each additional affidavit

3 Wait for processing of document. Prepares and affixes Embassy seal; 5 mins Consular Assistant  
Checks form and supporting documents; 5 mins Signing Officer  
Signs the documents      
4 Claiming of document Document is released to applicant 1 minute Consular Assistant  
  (if applicant wants to follow-up the progress of the report of birth with DFA and NSO, applicant may call 796-0387 local 105 after one month and ask for the despatch number or email the Consular Assistant thru This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) Endorses ROB to the Records Officer for filing & prepares dispatch to DFA to report issuance of ROB 5 minutes Consular Assistant  

Duration: 31 minutes (time duration in the queue and filling-up of forms is not included)