Foreigners from countries who are not allowed to enter the Philippines without a visa, and also those from countries who may enter the Philippines without a visa but whose intended length of stay will exceed 30 days, have to apply for a temporary visitor’s visa before traveling to the Philippines. A visitor with a temporary visitor’s visa may be given up to a maximum of 59 days for their stay in the Philippines.  Should a visitor wish to remain longer than his authorized initial stay of 59 days, he or she may request an extension of stay from the Bureau of Immigration Office ( and pay the necessary fees. 

Following are the minimum requirements for application of a tourist visa:

  • Properly filled-up application form (download form) with picture taken not more than six months from the date of application;
  • Copy of Round-trip e-ticket (open-ended tickets are not acceptable);
  • Passport & copy of passport data page;
  • If going to the Philippines for business purposes:
    • Letter of Guarantee from the employer confirming the applicant’s employment, purpose of visit to the Philippines (i.e. short business-related trip and shall not be employed nor derive income in the Philippines) and, financial support while in the Philippines.
    • Letter of Invitation from the company in the Philippines confirming the purpose of visit of the visa applicant and the duration of stay of the visit, with a guarantee that the applicant will not be employed by nor derive income from the Philippine-based company
  • If going to the Philippines for leisure purposes:
    • copy of hotel booking/voucher or invitation letter from the Philippine-based individual plus copy of his/her valid Philippine government-issued ID;
    • proof of sufficient funds to cover the stay in the Philippines; 
    • if employed, copy of certificate of employment; if self-employed, copy of business registration; 
    • if unaccompanied minor (14 years old and below), Affidavit of Parental Consent and Guarantee of Financial Support with parent's proof of employment/ business plus copy of household register; 
    • if student, copy of the school ID or school registration of the student
  • If going to the Philippine to attend a short-term English language course in the Philippines:
    • Letter of Acceptance issued by English language school. For purposes of validating the purpose of travel to the Philippines, the English language school should also send to the Philippine Embassy by email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) an official letter signed by an authorized official of the school the letter or acceptance or a list of accepted students indicating the name of the visa applicant, passport number, inclusive dates of the course duration plus a copy of the school’s valid license to operate.
    • Affidavit of Parental Consent and Guarantee of Financial Support plus copy of household register and parent's proof of employment/ business
  • For non-Korean nationals, proof of legal residence in Korea may be required (copy of Alien Registration Card, front and back, and show the original to the processor at the window).

The documents submitted should support the application for a Temporary Visitor’s Visa  validating the purpose of the visit, sufficiency of funds to support one’s stay in the Philippines and proof that the applicant will only stay in the Philippines within a reasonable amount of time as a temporary visitor