For other types of visas such as seaman's visa, official visa and student visas for college students, please contact (+82) (2) 796-7387 (+82) (2) 796-7387 , ext. 106. 

The granting of Philippine visa is only a form of pre-entry clearance. Philippine visa holders are still subject to normal immigration control at the port of entry. Philippine Immigration officers have the authority to grant or deny admission. 

Notice to Applicants of the Special Resident Retiree's Visa (SRRV)

The Philippine Retirement Authority (PRA) requires Korean citizens applying from abroad to submit a medical examination clearance from any licensed clinic or hospital physician in the Republic of Korea. The medical clearance form can be downloaded from the PRA website at medical clearance issued abroad must have an English translation and be duly authenticated by the Philippine Embassy in Seoul.

The PRA can also assist Korean applicants going to the Philippines to get their medical examination clearance in the Philippines as part of the Retirees Services and Assistance package. 

For other SRRV requirements, you may check the website or call the PRA hotline number at +63.2.848.1412 +63.2.848.1412 end_of_the_skype_highlighting anytime of the day, seven days a week, for any question. 

The SRRV is a special non-immigrant visa which entitles foreigners to reside in the Philippines indefinitely with multiple entry privileges and benefits, which include exemption from securing Special Study Permits or student visas for children, among others.