1. Get the divorce decree from the court.
  2. Have the divorce decree translated into English and notarized by a Korean notary public.
  3. Have the Divorce Decree authenticated by the Korea’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA).
  4. Bring the MOFA authenticated Divorce Decree and a copy to the Philippine Embassy for final authentication.
  5. 5. Send the document to a divorce lawyer in the Philippines so that foreign divorce decree can acquire judicial confirmation in the Philippines by filing the proper civil action at the Philippine Regional Trial Court.
    • The divorce decree must be proven in court. Proof of its authenticity and due execution must be presented.
    • The court decision shall be registered in the Local Civil Registry Office.
    • The registered document shall be submitted to the Local Civil Registrar where the affected civil registry documents (birth, marriages, etc.) are registered.
    • The decision of the Philippine Court is the basis for the annotation of the divorce decree issued by the Foreign Court to be placed in the National Statistics Office (NSO) / Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) Marriage Certificate.