After step 1, duration may vary depending on the applicant's concern.


Submit pertinent requirements (bring originals and one photocopy) for evaluation such as:

  1. DFA-authenticated NSO Birth Certificates
  2. DFA-authenticated CENOMAR from NSO
  3. Passports

* Names of applicants and their parents, birthdates, birthplaces should match in all three documents

Additional requirements

* If divorced from former marriage (with foreign national), present Judicial Decree of Absolute Divorce authenticated by ROK's MOFA or the Embassy of the country where the divorce was processed;

* If widow/widower, present DFA-authenticated NSO Death certificate of spouse and DFA-authenticated marriage certificate with former spouse

* If prior marriage was annulled in the Philippines, present DFA-authenticated NSO Marriage certificate with annotation stating details of annulment

* For applicants 18-20 years old, submit notarized Affidavit of Parental Consent for Marriage

* For applicants 2l-25 years old, submit notarized Affidavit of Parental Advise for Marriage

Fill-up the following forms:

  1. Affidavit of eligibility to contract marriage
  2. Application form for LCCM
  3. Application form for notice of posting Informs consular assistant on preferred date of wedding at the Embassy.

Obtains Marriage License & LCCM application form & advices applicant to fully accomplish the application forms.

Evaluates completeness & authenticity of documents submitted; verifies documents if there is reasonable doubt.

Advices applicant that Marriage License will be made after the ten-day requirement for publication of Notice to Marry at the Consular Section's bulletin board

If applicant wants to receive document by delivery, Consular assistant asks applicant to fill-up delivery form properly.

Advices applicant to proceed to payment.

12 mins Consular Assistant n/a

Pay appropriate fees.

Present receipt to consular assistant

Leaves Embassy and waits for posting of wedding announcement and for issuance of license.

Accepts payment and issues official receipt 3 mins Collecting Officer US$ 135 or KRW 181,170
    Prepares the notice and posts the notice at Embassy premises (2 minutes) * plus 10 day posting period Consular Assistant  
Prepares LCCM (marriage licenses); (2 minutes) Consular Assistant  
Checks forms and supporting documents; Signs the documents including the marriage licenses. Approves the date for marriage. (3 minutes) Signing Officer  

Informs applicants (by phone or text) that marriage licenses and date of marriage have been approved. Informs applicants to come to the Embassy on the date of marriage with at least two Filipino witnesses (bring also passports of witnesses with one photocopy) and arrive 30 minutes earlier than the scheduled wedding solemnization time.

Prepares marriage certificate and report of marriage forms.

(5 minutes) Consular Assistant  

Applicants appear at the Embassy on the wedding day, arrives 30 minutes earlier than the scheduled wedding solemnization time with at least two Filipino witnesses (bring also passports of witnesses with one photocopy).

Applicants and witnesses sign marriage contract.

Applicants fill up the report of marriage form.

Conduct wedding solemnization rites.

Signs marriage contract.

Informs newlyweds that the report of marriage will be sent to DFA for onward transmittal to NSO by the 10th day of the following month. NSO marriage certificate may be ready by 4-6 months.

20 minutes Solemnizing Officer US$ 25 or KRW 33,550
Pay fee for Report of Marriage and   3 minutes Collecting Officer US$ 25 or KRW 33,550
Shows receipt to Consular Assistant Advices applicant that Report of Marriage can be claimed after 3 working days; if for delivery, add another 1-2 days. 2 minutes    

If Report of Marriage form is to be claimed in person or through representative, present receipt (with authorization letter if through representative)

If document is to be delivered, applicant waits for delivery of new passport

Consular assistant locates document and releases it to applicant


Consular assistant mails document for delivery to applicant

3 minutes Consular Assistant  
  (if applicant wants to follow-up with the DFA and the NSO on the progress of the NSO Marriage certificate, applicant may call 796-0387 local 102 after one month and ask for the despatch number or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) Endorses ROM to the Records Officer for filing & prepares dispatch to DFA to report issuance of ROM (5 minutes) Consular Assistant  

Duration: 43 minutes (time duration in the queue and filling-up of forms is not included)

Those who need to secure a marriage license must undergo marriage counseling which is conducted for free at the Embassy every Sunday (9:00 am -4:00 pm), Monday and Thursday (9:00 am - 3:00 pm).