After step 1, duration may vary depending on the applicant's / employer's concern.

1 Fill-up appropriate form; Submit together with valid Passport and photocopies of one set of document and passport

Checks application form if properly filled out; evaluates completeness of documents submitted.

If applicant wants to receive document by delivery, Consular assistant asks applicant to fill-up delivery form properly.

Advices applicant to proceed to payment.

5 mins Consular Assistant n/a
2 Pay appropriate notarial fees Accepts payment and issues official receipts 3 mins Collecting Officer US$ 25 or KRW 33,550 plus (optional) US$10 or KRW 13420 expedite fee

Submit the duplicate & original copy of documents

Leaves Embassy and waits for release of document

Accepts documents; Advices applicant that document will be released after 3 working days (if expedited, after 1 day); if for delivery, add another 1-2 days. 3 mins Consular Assistant n/a
  Prepares the document and affixes the Embassy seal and red ribbon; (3 mins) Consular Assistant  
  Signing of the document (1 mins) Signing Officer  

If document is to be claimed in person, present receipt (if through representative, present receipt with authorization note at the back);

If document is to be delivered, applicant waits for delivery of document

Consular assistant locates document and releases it to applicant


Consular assistant mails document for delivery to applicant

3 minutes Consular Assistant  

Duration: 14 minutes (time duration in the queue is not included)

      Please submit the accomplished application form (

download form

      ). The sample Special Power of Attorney may serve as a guide. (

download sample